Acrylic Mass

Acrylic Mass

Indicated for correction of small scratches and imperfections such as sandpaper marks. It can be used on painted surfaces, primer or polyester paste, ideal product to correct minor defects of the preparation work.

• Sanding and degreasing the surface to be repaired with Maxi Rubber degreasing solution, removing all impurities.

• Apply with celluloid or spatula on the imperfections, in thin and successive layers until obtaining the desired layer for correction of the part, respecting the interval of 3 to 5 minutes between the coats.

• After drying (10 to 20 minutes) sand with dry sandpaper 220 and finish with sandpaper 320.

• Can be sanded and primer can be applied after 30-60 minutes of air drying, depending on temperature and film thickness.

• The acrylic paste should not be applied directly to sheet metal.

• Avoid application in thick layers.

• Product ready for use, no dilution recommended.

• To avoid mapping, wait for the recommended drying time for sanding.

• Use the recommended sandpaper.

• Temperature forced drying can cause cracks, bubbles, and loss of adhesion.

  • 150g tube
Shelf life

2 year. Stored at a temperature of 15 to 35ºC and away from humidity.

  • 15 m² / overlay

Acrylic resin, mineral fillers, inorganic and organic pigments, additives and solvents.

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