Double-Sided White Compound Pad

Double-Sided White Compound Pad

The White Compound Pad indicated for the process of cutting and removing of sanding scratches and superficial scratches.

• During use, make small circular movements over the sanded area. Concentrate the sanded area under the external part of the compound pad, region of greater linear speed;

• Do not submit it for too long to the polishing in a continuous manner, thus avoiding overheating of it and the surface.

• Attention to the perfect fixation and centralization of the compound pads to the support.

• A moderate work pressure should be exercised, performing little circular movements.

• In order to obtain maximum durability and yield of Maxi Rubber Double-Sided Yellow Compound Pad, we recommend cleaning the surface whenever the professional notices accumulation of abrasive materials.

• During polishing, the professional shall, whenever necessary, to pull any rounded-tip tool against the surface of the Maxi Rubber Double-Sided Yellow Compound Pad with the polisher turned on at minimum rotation speed.

  • 1 unit.
Shelf life


  • White

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