Automotive Wax

Automotive Wax

Indicated for promoting maximum protection and gloss of surfaces in all types of painting, such as national and imported cars, motorcycles and bodies, generating an incredible final result.

• Surface must be clean and dry.

• Apply the wax in small quantities with a clean cloth or sponge, in circular and uniform movements in small areas at time.

• Wait for a few minutes, then, remove the wax excess using a dry and clean Maxi Rubber Microfiber Cloth.

• We recommend performing the application of the product in an environment protected from sunlight and with the surfaces cold in order to minimize the appearance of spots.

• This product contains silicone.

• Do not use on automotive repainting performed at a period inferior to 30 days.

  • Packaging 200g
Shelf life

1 year. Stored at a temperature of 15 to 35ºC and away from humidity.

  • 95 m²/gallon

Carnauba wax, Synthetic wax, Silicone, Corrosion inhibitor, Aluminum silicate, Aliphatic hydrocarbon, Paraffin, Vehicle, Preservative, Neutralizing agent and Fragrance.

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