Indicated for permanent sealing and fixing of sheet metal in automobile and truck bodies, original rigging, internal reinforcement of hoods, gutters, fenders, sills and compartments of headlights, avoiding the infiltration of water and dust.

It is also used in folds, rivets, welds, and metal sheet corners in vehicle repair, gutter joints, boats, civil construction and general use.

  • Product ready for use.
  • Homogenize the product before application.
  • Apply with a spatula or brush.



Drying time in air at 25ºC

Total: 72 h

Do not apply Maxived in very thick layers as it may be subject to cracking.

  • Packing 1,3Kg
  • Packing 5,4Kg
  • Packing 23Kg
  • Packing 260Kg
Shelf life

1 year. Stored at a temperature of 15 to 35ºC and away from humidity.

  • 13 m2/gallon (1-mm layer)

Maxived: Polyol of fatty acids, additives, organic solvents and mineral fillers.

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