Polishing Compound No. 2

Polishing Compound No. 2

Indicated for polishing all types of original and/or repainted automotive finishing that have a high-degree of calcination, restoring the original appearance and enhancing the color and gloss.

It may also be used on chromed metals to clean and enhance the gloss without leaving scratches.


• Previously clean and degrease surfaces.

• If necessary, proceed with sanding using 1500 grit or higher sanding sheet.

• Refine the sanding with thinner sanding sheets, as this facilitates the polishing and provides gains in time and product savings.

• After finishing the sanding, clean and degrease the surfaces, eliminating traces of dust, oiliness, and other impurities that may compromise the product.


• Using a dry and clean cloth, cotton or sponge, apply the product with circular and uniform movements until the compound is fully spread.

• Remove the compound excess using a Maxi Rubber Microfiber Cloth.


• Spread the product using a brush in the part.

• Pass the polisher over the product until obtaining the desired glow.

• Polishing with a polisher should be performed with a Maxi Rubber White wool aggressive Compound Pad or Maxi Rubber Yellow wool soft Compound Pad.

• Remove the compound excess using a Maxi Rubber Microfiber Cloth.

• In burned original repaintings, if necessary, perform a second application to enhance well the glow.

• After using Maxi Rubber Polishing Compound no. 2, apply Maxi Rubber Polish Liquid - Maxi Lustro.

• Do not apply under the sunlight or in a hot environment.

• Protect plastic and rubber parts during polishing.

• After polishing, avoid a long interval to wash the part, thus facilitating the removal of residues.

• In order to avoid possible stains in the applied part, do not let the applied product dry on the part, removing the polishing compound right after its application.

  • Packing 490 g
  • Packing 970 g
Shelf life

1 year. Stored at a temperature of 15 to 35ºC and away from humidity.

  • 60 m²/gallon 1Kg of polishing compound for each 36 m2

Fatty acids, mineral loads, pigments, water and several solvents.

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