Putty for Plastics

Putty for Plastics

Intended for correcting imperfections on plastic surfaces and flexible bumpers. Putty for plastics is ideal to fill and even small imperfections such as sanding scratches, tearing, cuts and cracks.



Clean all the repaired area with soap and water before sanding. Use sandpaper #80 or #150 (as needed). Them remove sanding dust and degrease with Maxi Rubber Degreasing Solution.

Homogenize putting before application. Add 1-3 % benzoyl peroxide catalyzer per putty 100g. Blend thoroughly until putty becomes homogeneous. Note: time between blending catalyzer into putty and application may range from 3 through 5 minutes.

Drying/curing before sanding - 25°C: 20-30 minutes. Dry sand after drying/curing (sanding, #80-#150 sandpaper; finishing, #220-#320).

  • Packing of 400 with 15g catalyst
Shelf life

1 year. Stored at a temperature of 15 to 35ºC and away from humidity.


Altered polyester resin, mineral loads, dyes and additives.

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