Maxi Cut

Maxi Cut

Water-based polishing compound no. 2 can be used in automotive polishing on any type of paint or varnish, leaving the surface smooth and glowing.

Indicated to eliminate scratches from sanding with a 1200 or higher grit, and also abrasion old paintings and/or repaintings suffer due to exposure to atmosphere agents, in addition to moderate orange peel appearance, mild paint run-off and small imperfections without damaging the painting, preparing the surface for polishing, thus ensuring a finishing with an intense glow.


• Do not apply under the sunlight or in a hot environment.

• Previously clean and degrease surfaces.

• Proceed with sanding using 1200 grit or higher sanding sheet.

• Refine the sanding with thinner sanding sheets, as this facilitates the polishing andgains in time and product savings.

• After finishing the sanding, clean and degrease the surfaces, eliminating traces of dust, oiliness, and other impurities that may compromise the product.


• With a microfiber cloth or dry polishing cotton, apply and rub the product with circular and uniform movements until the compound is fully spread.

• Remove the compound excess using a Maxi Rubber Microfiber Cloth.


• Spread the product using a brush in the part.

• Adjust the polisher (1500 to 2200-rpm rotation) and activate the equipment with slow and short movements moderately pressing over the product until reaching the removal of scratches.

• Polishing using a polisher should be performed with a Maxi Rubber White wool aggressive Compound Pad or Maxi Rubber Yellow wool soft Compound Pad.

• If necessary, remove the excess of product residue on the compound pad using a Maxi Rubber Microfiber Cloth.

• Protect plastic and rubber parts during polishing.

• Residues are easily removed with water or wet cloth.

• Leave the weight of the machine for the removal of slight markings caused by the compound pad.

• In order to prevent the risk of stains, the surface should not be exposed to sunlight or heat before the due cleaning of residues.

  • Packing 1Kg
  • Packing 4Kg
Shelf life

2 year. Stored at a temperature of 15 to 35ºC and away from humidity.

  • 60 m²/gallon 08 to 10 cars (small size) for every 1 Kg of product (it may vary according to the state of preservation of the vehicle).

Water, mineral oil, vegetable oil, aliphatic hydrocarbon, aluminum silicate, triethanolamine.

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